Build a Strong Peach in 4 Weeks

Get a real training program that emphasizes your glutes and builds a better, stronger booty in 4 weeks.


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Lower Body Focused Training

Peaches is 4-week glute-focused program that is designed to keep you toned, strong, and in great shape. A typical week includes 3 lower body workouts, 1 upper body workout, and 1 core-focused workout per week. The sessions are 60 minutes.

Any Level of Lifting Experience

This is a serious training program. It won't be like the thousands of butt workouts programs that claim to tone or build your butt. You will train hard but it is beginner-friendly. A typical day in the Peaches Program starts with our core movement for the day, followed by glute-focused accessory work, and we finish with a metcon.

Access to a Full Gym

We designed Peaches with the equipment available at most Crossfit or commercial gyms. But as long as you have a rack, barbell, bench, and dumbbells, you'll be able to complete 90% of the program with minimal modifications.


The Naked Training app is designed to work as a coach or trainer in your pocket. It isn't just a general app or pdf program given to everyone in hopes that a handful of people get results. Our app is designed for people who want to follow a customized program the right way with the right guidance every step of the way. What makes our app different is the community and coaching. You won't find a more engaged community dedicated to making you feel confident and be your best.

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"The Naked Challenge let me leave all my bad habits I formed in 2020, and make better habits for 2021. It gave me everything I needed. I didn’t have to think about anything extra(food, workouts, mobility ) the Naked Program takes care of all of that! I just needed to show up and train hard in the gym everyday. Thank you to the team at the Naked Program!"

Chelsea Petersen

"I feel like I can’t put into words how much the program has changed my entire mindset about food and about the way I was working out. Everything that has changed about me I owe to this program, and for that I want to thank everyone who was involved!"

Shauna McPhail


The Naked Training app takes all the guesswork out. Track your workouts, follow the correct progressions, get personalized macros, and complete full mobility routines all in one app!

8-Week Challenge
  • Science Backed Training Programs
  • 6-Days a Week, 90 to 30 Minute Sessions
  • Workout Tutorial Videos
  • Weight Tracking
  • Facebook Support Group
  • Custom Macros with Check-Ins
  • Mobility Screening
  • Full Mobility Routines
  • Nutritional Guidelines
  • Access to All Programs
  • Science Backed Training Programs
  • 6-Days a Week, 90 to 30 Minute Sessions
  • Workout Tutorial Videos
  • Weight Tracking
  • Facebook Support Group
  • Custom Macros with Check-Ins
  • Mobility Screening
  • Full Mobility Routines
  • Nutritional Guidelines
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Here are our most commonly asked questions. If you can't find your question here, please reach out to and we will get back to your as soon as we can.

How long are the programs?

Our community programs are all continuous programs that will keep adding new programming week to week. All other programs range from four weeks (Peaches program) to two years (Naked Strength).

When can I sign up?

The program is available for sign up anytime. We do recommend that if you sign up midweek you wait to start your program until the following Monday so you can be on a Monday-Friday schedule with rest days on the weekend.

How is the program delivered?

The program is hosted in our app (Naked Training) where you can view daily workouts, warm-ups and exercise demo videos.

Can I be vegan or vegetarian and still follow your nutrition plans?

YES! While it can sometimes be more challenging to hit your macro goals (especially protein!) being a vegetarian or a vegan, you can definitely do it.

How many days a week will I be training and how long will each session take?

Our programs vary. The in gym programs are five or six days a week and the at home are five with workouts ranging from 30-90 minutes.

What is the minimum equipment requirement for each program?

At home bodyweight is for those of you with zero equipment. At home dumbbell is for those that have just one set or a couple sets of dumbbells. Functional is for most garage gym goers and those with access to a box. Commercial is for those who go to a traditional gym with machines.

What fitness level are your programs for?

Any fitness level can complete our programs! Just be ready to work and ask questions to our coaches when you need help!

Will I receive a meal plan?

All of our nutrition is all macro-based. This means you will enter all of your stats and goals into our macro calculator and then it will give you a set of macros to follow. You can then fill the macros for each day with whatever foods you like.

How do I cancel?

You can cancel by emailing prior to your bill date. We ask that you please e-mail at least 24 hours before your next bill date to ensure that we are able to put the cancellation in motion before you are billed.


Our community is beyond amazing. Thousands of people sharing their stories, motivating each other, and coming together!

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