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Being 14 months postpartum, I felt like I hit a plateau and needed a change in routine. I like how the program focused on improving strength while adding a “WOD” at the end of the workouts. Overall, I love the results I gained!"
-Lucy Loera

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We give you the tools to help you build a routine, find consistency, and transform through training, nutrition, and community.
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Don't dread going from one diet extreme to another. Follow your personalized macros that will accelerate your results and recovery.
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Find motivation and support when times get hard or help someone hit their new best in our members' only community.
Kelly Caven

"After my college soccer career ended (in 2008) I always had a difficult time staying active... On this program, I literally woke up every single week day morning between 4:45am-5:30am. I have never done that consistently before!"

Kadee Blair

"I have never seen results so quickly! Because of this program and how simple it was to follow... I could push past and once again convince myself to do hard things. I’m a mother of 5 and only 7 months postpartum. I am stronger than ever. "

Colter Smith

"I absolutely loved the athletic workouts. I loved seeing the finishers (metcons) daily and working to get through them. I have never done any functional training before so I knew those would be a challenge. I loved them."

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The Naked Training App is designed for athletes of all kinds, no matter where they are or when they wish to train. Our workouts can be completed in any gym setting, and all in just 30 minutes. You'll stay on track toward achieving your fitness goals, with our supportive community every step of the way.

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Over 31,127 Have Built Confidence
By Training Naked


We strip down our beliefs here at Naked to one thing, everyone should be confident in their own skin. Brooke Ence, from an early age, had to get comfortable and confident in her own skin. Pushing through self-doubt and becoming mentally strong through training has helped her compete at the highest level.

Now, she's all about helping the Naked community get that same mental toughness on the way to looking better Naked.